Call For Speakers on Topics in Quality 

Have an interesting presentation or project to share? We are always interested in hearing from our members or referrals to speak at our monthly dinner meetings. 

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Our section generally meets on the third Wednesday of the month in West Bridgewater (except for July, August, and December.) 

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Next Dinner Meeting

Wednesday October 18, 6p-8p

Topic: Marketing And Quality

Marketing is not the typical department you picture when you envision quality procedures. Even speaking with other marketers, you’ll sometimes hear, “This is art! We have no process, we must be flexible with everything…” but they’re only half-right.

While it’s true that marketing is inherently fluid, without a commitment to quality and process, the department would be in complete chaos - deadlines would be missed, dependent departments would suffer and the company would ultimately look bad. If you think of any of the recent PR (public relations) disasters, most of them left people wondering, “Who told them that was a good idea?” The real problem is that they didn’t have a process in place where someone could tell them it wasn’t a good idea. Join us on October 18 to learn more about the quality of the marketing process

Annaliese Sviokla is a lifelong Massachusetts resident living on the south shore. After college, she started in the finance industry, but chose a different career path when the economy started to suffer in 2007. With a varied educational background in both the arts & sciences, marketing was a good place to combine the two disciplines. She joined Gem Gravure just over 10 years ago. Originally hired as a temporary employee for the finance department, she moved through the company filling various roles. She started assisting the marketing department three years ago, and has been heading the department since late 2016. 

Dinner Meeting Agenda:

6:00 P.M. - Registration, Networking, & Dinner

7:00 P.M. - Presentation