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Certification Exams

no longer offered by ASQ Sections.

ASQ has now transitioned to computer-based test (CBT) delivery for its certification exams, starting with its October exam window. Benefits of CBT include an increased number of test site locations, administrations, and availability of days on which to take exams. Translated exams are expected to be available starting in March 2017.

While the exam experience has changed to CBT, the check-in process at testing locations is similar to the previous pencil and paper exams. Examinees will be required to show identification and will be allowed to bring reference books and certain calculators into the exam.

Exams will no longer be offered by any ASQ Section.

Contact ASQ for further information.

ASQ Certifications

In the December 2012 issue, Quality Progress magazine ( reported that ASQ certifications are associated with higher salaries.

​In one Quality Digest article, Scott M. Paton writes: " There's good reason why so many people get ASQ certification. According to the latest ASQ salary survey, those with certificates earn considerably more than those without. "For example, the average salary for quality engineers without certification is $52,600, and it's just under $60,000 for those who are Certified Quality Engineers," explains Harthun. "The largest difference is with reliability engineers. Without ASQ certification, the average salary is $59,500, and with certification it's $82,500."

Additionally, salaries are even higher for those who hold more than one certification! Certifications are valuable career assets that can compensate for lack of a degree, open doors, and be especially valuable when it is time to change jobs.



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