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There are open positions on the leadership team. Aside from the experience you gain, you could also get 1.5 RU credits per year! ​

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 Our mission is to be the leading quality resource in the Southeastern Massachusetts area while supporting the goals and objectives of the American Society for Quality.

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Wednesday January 16, 2019 

The A3 Problem Solving Process

Most problem solving teams under perform. Their project drags on, until finally the team delivers a modest solution. Various factions bicker at every step. The team quickly begins to implement a solution, without aligning around important details. Urgency and action win out over focus and effectiveness. .

The A3 process allows groups of people to actively collaborate on the determining the problem and its cause before developing goals and strategy of a project. It encourages in-depth problem solving throughout the process, and adjusting along the way to ensure that the project effectively meets its intended goal.

Mr. Leclair will discuss how the A3 process can help your organization energize your improvement efforts.

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