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 Our mission is to be the leading quality resource in the Southeastern Massachusetts area while supporting the goals and objectives of the American Society for Quality.

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Keyence Automated Measurement Systems

The best thing about working with optical systems is helping companies change the way they manufacturer and to help them become more efficient and maximize their profits. Optical inspection systems are fast, accurate and they have become easy to use- they are the future of inspection in manufacturing!

Slade Patterson have been working in manufacturing for 10 years, across all industries: machining, molding, electronics and extrusion. He has worked everywhere from quality control to production to shipping and receiving. He has been with Keyence for the past 7 years, specifically with our automated measurement systems. He is an applications engineer for their optical measurement system the IM-7000 series. Over the past few years he has implemented hundreds of optical inspection systems at manufacturing facilities all over New England. Mainly serving medical, aerospace, DOD and automotive industries.


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