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 Our mission is to be the leading quality resource in the Southeastern Massachusetts area while supporting the goals and objectives of the American Society for Quality.

Next Dinner Meeting

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Supply Chain Network Excellence - presented by Richard Bivins

  • ​Understand the importance of the supply network for Quality Professionals.
  • Understand the importance of supply network metrics.
  • Understand the importance of the Green Supply Network.
  • Get some idea of the risks involved in supply networks.

Today the real competition is supply network against supply network. To quote General Omar Bradley: “Amateurs think and talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” Logistics are just part of the network. The rest of the parts are those that get the products and services in place and in condition for logistics to move them. How Lean execution in the entire supply network will put your company in position to delight. You will begin to see how Lean thinking and its Environmental impact can help your company increase its profits through the use of the SCORTM metrics. You will get a look at a generic network and a standardized supply network structure.

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