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2016 Courses

Certified Quality Manager/Operational Excellence (CMQOE)

Begins July 25, 2016

Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)

Begins September 20, 2016

2105 Scholarship Winners

Our revised Educational Assistance procedure was put to the test at the May 2015  Dinner Meeting. Qualifying for the new process is easier than ever. Please come to a dinner meeting and place your name in contention for one of these awards. In addition the following results were achieved:

1. Andrew Sholudko won the student scholarship of $2000.00

2. Walter Shouldko won the Job Enhancement award of $1500.00

3. Rochelle Jones won the Certification Exam Prep award of $500.00

ASQ Olde Colony

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Leadership Team Opportunities Available!

There are open positions on the leadership team. Aside from the experience you gain, you could also get 1.5 RU credits per year! 

For more information contact 

​Our Mission

 Our mission is to be the leading quality resource in the Southeastern Massachusetts area while supporting the goals and objectives of the American Society for Quality.

​​​Next Monthly Dinner Meeting: Wednesday

September 21, 2016 6p-8p

Perfecting Your Presentations

Jean Patton

How to make your presentations more interesting, exciting and get your point across at the same time. 

Some helpful hints on what to do and what not to do.

Best practices on presenting data will also be discussed.

How Can We Help You?

Roger Maximuk Scholarship

Formal applications are no longer required. Sponsors are now required to attend one dinner meeting to fill out an application form. 

Winners will be chosen by lottery from a pool of qualified applicants.

In addition to the scholarship we will also make awards to members for job enhancement training and for Certification Exam Prep courses.

Click Here To Download The Updated Full Scholarship Procedure 13.1 Revision M.

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